Welcome to The Bedford Social Club!
		         September 26th, 2014 
                                            Starters, Soups & Salads

					   Chicken Potstickers
                       Asian dumplings pan seared then steamed, served with citrus soy dipping sauce                                           8

                                                                  Quesadilla Monterey
                          flour tortilla with jack cheese & roasted red peppers served with tomato salsa                                              8

                                  phyllo dough, feta cheese & spinach pie baked in bite sized pieces                                                      8

					     Mac & Cheese Bites
                            smoked gouda & macaroni bite sized, horseradish sour cream dipping sauce                                            8

					   Classic Caesar Salad
                               crisp romaine, parmesan & romano cheeses, garlic crouton & anchovy                                                   8

					       Iceberg Wedge
            large wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce, heaps of our house-made blue cheese dressing, fresh bacon bits                    6

 				                      House Salad
                        organic field greens and salad vegetables with a choice of balsamic vinaigrette
                                   chunky blue cheese, honey dijonese, or buttermilk ranch dressing                                                  4            
                                                                Cuban Black Bean Soup						                                                                            
                                                   old Havana Recipe								4
				             Main Courses   

                                                                      Penne Del Sol		
       penne pasta with grilled chicken slices & portabello mushrooms in a sun dried tomato & white wine sauce                      19
                                                                    Chicken Piccata
             chicken breast medallions sauteed in a lemon butter & caper sauce, served over angel hair pasta                             19

                                                                    Chicken Siciliano
     chicken breast breaded & fried in olive oil, baked w/ pepperoni, tomato sauce, Italian cheeses, over linguine                     18

                                                                  Pork Cutlets Rustica
      lightly breaded pork tenderloin cutlets with peas & onions with white wine & fresh basil, served over angel hair pasta       20
                                                                           Thai Ahi
        Ahi Tuna pan seared and topped with a sweet & spicy Thai chili sauce with Asian vegetables over rice                           20

                           below served with potato or pasta and fresh vegetable 

               			              Stuffed Rainbow Trout
                  fresh Colorado Rainbow Trout with a lump crab stuffing, roasted with lemon & extra virgin olive oil                     21

					Broiled Seafood Platter
                             tilapia filet,  jumbo scallops & gulf shrimp broiled with butter, lemon & garlic                                              23

    			                      Grilled or Blackened Tilapia
                         tilapia filet grilled with olive oil, garlic & lemon or blackened with butter & Cajun spices                                 19

 			                           Chicken New Orleans
                               chicken breast topped with a spicy & creamy crabmeat & parmesan topping                                           20
 				               Grilled Flat Iron Steak
                                                    Choice Flat Iron steak char grilled to order                                                                           20	
					        Filet Mignon 
                                              Angus beef tenderloin filet, char-grilled to order                                                                          26
					      Steak Au Poivre 
                            Angus New York Strip in a cognac & cracked peppercorn butter sauce                                                       26

					            NY Strip 
                                                 Angus NY Sirloin strip steak, char-grilled to order                                                                    24

				                     Rack Of Lamb
                             full rack of Colorado lamb char grilled then roasted with fresh herbs & garlic                                              28